Lumisokea is a Belgian-Italian duo, formed by Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi. Their music is at once highly physical and rich in texture, using various acoustic instruments as well as  analog hardware to create a dark and introspective listening experience. Their influences range from dub to noise, bassmusic, techno, musique concrète and contemporary classical music, while remaining focused on the key elements in their music : to induce trance-like states, to move bodies and to emphasize the tactile qualities of sound.

To strengthen the impact and concentration of their live-shows, Lumisokea have created a visual side to their musical performances together with Yannick Jacquet (Legoman), a well-respected video-artist, known a.o. from his work as a founding member of the AntiVJ visual label.

The visuals and scenography that Yannick Jacquet designed for Lumisokea are based around the simple but highly effective idea of projecting slowly developing, abstract geometrical beams of light into a pitch black room filled with smoke. In contrast to most visuals used at musical performances, these moving shapes do not seek to add a certain meaning or concrete imagery to Lumisokea’s music. They rather function as a hypnotic focal point and a way to relieve the audience from the boundaries of the performance space, made possible through the use of the tactile and illusory qualities of light projected onto smoke.

Lumisokea has released 2 albums so far : Automatons (2011) and Selva (2012), both on the Dutch label Eat Concrete. They’ve been featured on Opal Tapes’ “No Lotion” compilation (summer 2013) and Eat Concrete’s “Benefit for the Psycho In-Active” compilation (september 2013)