3/4/5 NOV 2022



Thursday – november 3th

Willem Twee Toonzaal

20:00 / 21:00 Sote & Tarik Barri (AV)

21:00 / 23:00 Stephen O’Malley w/ Kali Malone 

23:00 / 01:00 Mark Cremins (DJ)

Friday – november 4th


Willem Twee Toonzaal

20:00 / 20:45 Ale Hop 

22:00 / 23:00 Tristan Perich 

23:00 / 01:30 Mark Cremins (DJ)


21:00 / 21:45 Petter Eldh & Christian Lillinger

Saturday – november 5th

Willem Twee Poppodium

22:45 / 23:15 Peter Zegveld

23:15 / 23:55 Russell Haswell

Verkadefabriek Kleine Zaal

21:00 / 23:30 Dennis Tyfus presents No Choice Toekomstmuziek avond

Verkadefabriek Club Zaal

20:00 / 20:45 Beatrice Dillon & Kuljit Bhamra

21:45 / 22:30 Pan Daijing  

Verkadefabriek Tramkade Zaal

21:00 / 21:45 Lolina 


23:00 / 00:30 Tom Trago (DJ)

00:30 / 1:30 Terrence Dixon 

1:30 / 3:30 Soft Break & Nala Brown (DJ)

Soft Break Representing the Rotterdam-based Ampfeminine collective – just like her club colleague and Selectors partne...

Keith Fullerton Whitman is a Composer & Performer based in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He is currently in the midst of de...

Tom Trago has long been one of the leading lights of the Dutch electronic music underground; a globe trotting DJ, produc...

Since 1994 Terrence Dixon is widely known for his experimental approach to Detroit Techno. He has been on some of the mo...

Lolina is a producer and performer of electronic & digital music. Her recent release “Fast Fashion” is out on De...

Alejandra Cárdenas Pacheco (also known as Ale Hop) is a Peruvian-born artist, researcher, and experimental musician bas...

Peter Zegveld is a visual artist and performer, born in 1951 in The Hague and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in...

  Mark Cremins is the resident DJ and a big friend of the Festival. Cremins makes and collects music and will perform a...

Russell Haswell is a restlessly forward-thinking, multi-disciplinary artist, performer and curator. With a background st...