New Emergences presents: ET#HER

New Emergences presents: ET#HER

rNew Emergences is a platform focusing on gender equality in electronic music and sound art, advocating diversity by highlighting the presence and absence of women, LGBTQ+ communities, and all under-represented voices. During a five day residency at Willem Twee studios currated by New Emergences and FAQ Festival, three artists will be exploring the relationship between gendered voices, how the technological apparatus can be used as a means to silence underrepresented voices and what are the means compositionally to subvert the commonly accepted connection between voices, certain topics and in a broader sense radio technology itself.

As part of the residecny program, we invited Aurélie Lierman, an independent radio producer, vocalist and composer, to give a coaching session to inspire the participants.

Hans Kulk helped with technical assistance during the residency.

Participants are: Radna Rumping, Lilia Scheerder and Marieke van de Ven

Presentation and performances will take place on Saturday Marcht 23rd at Willem Twee concertzaal and studios at 15:00 till 17:00