Louis-Michel Marion

Louis-Michel Marion

After débuts as a rock and blues bassist and a degree in language sciences, Louis-Michel Marion studied double-bass with Jean-François Jenny-Clark and Pierre Hellouin. To this day, he keeps on learning and diversifying his practices by playing with Jacques Di Donato, Vinko Globokar, Joe McPhee, Steve Potts, Paul Rogers, Annick Nozati, Keith Rowe, Malcolm Goldstein, Le Quan Ninh, and many others.


He approaches his instrument without preconceptions, merely as a generator of sound. His improvisation work has been shaped by the music of such artists as Joëlle Léandre, G. Scelsi, Barre Phillips, Daunik Lazro, I. Xenakis, S. Sciarrino, Morton Feldman, and many others.


For the last twenty years, he has been focusing mainly on improvisation within ensembles of all sizes: from the duo to the 15tet, he has worked with Systême Friche / Jacques DiDonato (improvisation 15tet ensemble), with choreographer Aurore Gruel in the long-term duo Hay Que Caminar, and has explored many solo pieces for double-bass (Scelsi, Scodanibbio, Donatoni, Bussotti, Goldstein…). Fascinated by Eliane Radigues music, he meets her in 2014 and creates « Occam Océan XIX » for five-strings double-bass, Occam River V” for five-strings double-bass and bass clarinet with Carol Robinson (festival Musiques Démesurées in November 2014), Occam Hexa III” (Fondation Cartier, July 2016), Occam River VII” (duet for doube bass and harp with Hélène Breschand, College des Bernardins, Paris, 2017)


On Thursday the 4th we will honour the work of Éliane Radigue.
Starting by showing the film Sisters with Transistors at the Verkadefabriek followed by a talk on
Élianes work by Julia Eckhardt. Then in the evening there will be performances of Élianes work by Ensemble Klang, Carol Robinson and Louis-Michel Marion.
These performances will take place at the Willem Twee Toonzaal and will include 2 brand world premieres.

(this programme is made possible with support by Trillende Lucht)



Geelriandre (1972) – Éliane Radigue (elektronisch werk)
OCCAM XIX (2014) – Éliane Radigue (voor double bass)
OCCAM RIVER XXVIII – Éliane Radigue (birbynė and viola da gamba)*
OCCAM HEXA V – Éliane Radigue en Carol Robinson
(2 saxophone, trombone, elec gitar, piano en percussion)*
* premièr