Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft

Working from MATstudio, their shared studio in Amsterdam, Suzanne Kraft and Jonny Nash are know for their regular collaborations, the results of which often finds their home on Nash’s label Melody As Truth. 2017 saw Kraft and Nash collaborate for the first time on the acclaimed album “Passive Aggressive”, with a series of live performances following. The subsequent years saw the pair deepen their production skills and shared musical language, establishing the MATstudio series to catalogue the many experiments and improvisations that take place in their studio.

Their second full length album, entitled “A Heart So White”will be released on MAT in May 2020. Recorded in an 19th century Synagogue, the album consists of a series of organ and piano duets. Just as with “Passive Aggressive”, it highlights the pair’s  unique ability to “express a constellation of gestures in which no motion is wasted, and so seemingly natural that the creator’s hand disappears behind the work.” (P. Sherburne)

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