Jan Jelinek

Jan Jelinek

Jan Jelinek is musician, producer and remixer. Jelinek started as record collector of dub, jazz, funk and soul, and then he discovered house music. Jelineks approach is all about the transformation of sounds, about devising a method for translating old Motown records or the excesses of funk into abstract, reduced electronics.


Since 1998 he has been releasing records under a number of pseudonyms. Gramm stands for pulsating minimal electronica, Farben explores soul by rearranging old records in subtle variations.


2001 saw the release of Loop Finding Jazz Records[~scape], Jelineks first record under his own name, based, as the name implies, on old jazz recordings. Again, the source material was stripped relentlessly. La Nouvelle Pauvreté’ [~scape, 2003 reinterpreted rock with inventing a fictitious backing band, The Exposures. For this project, his sampling sources encompassed everything from Brian Ferry to Sun Ra. On Kosmischer Pitch[~scape, 2005] Jelinek retured to his roots, sampling cosmic” sounds and Krautrock.


Jalinek performs live club sets on his laptop as Farben and collaborates with improvisation ensembles like the Japanese trio Computer Soup and Australian jazz formation Triosk


At FAQ Festival Jan Jelinek will play a set honouring the works of Ursula Bogner at the Willem Twee Toonzaal on November 5th, and a duo with Sven-Åke Johansson at the Willem Twee Poppodium on November 6th.