Jaap Vink special

Jaap Vink special

To celebrate the first official solo release of the work of Jaap Vink (Den Helder, 1930) on GRM. we organise a very special programme with pieces by Vink on a multi speaker installatian. Jim O’Rourke has made a special piece for this programme inspired on Jaap Vinks work on request of the festival. Spatialisation of the pieces will be done by Kees Tazelaar of the Institute of Sonology.


  • introduction by Kees Tazelaar
  • Screen (8’)
  • Stroma (12’)
  • video interview Jaap Vink
  • En dehors (12’)
  • interview with Gottfried Michael Koenig
  • Tide 1985 (18’)
  • introduction on Jim O’Rourke
  • abaft by Jim O’Rourke (18’)

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