Carol Robinson

Carol Robinson

To say that Carol Robinson is a Franco-American composer and clarinetist is perhaps too restrictive to describe the eclecticism of her experience and passion. In fact, she seems interested in everything having to do with sound. She is not someone who likes the middle ground, preferring the edges, the extremes. Her music is situated in those places of tenderness and rage, gentleness and power that come from experience and mastery. Trained as a classical clarinetist, she graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory before continuing her study of contemporary music in Paris thanks to a H.H. Woolley grant. Whether playing repertoire or experimental material, she performs in major venues and festivals the world over (Festival dAutomne à Paris, MaerzMuzik, Archipel, RomaEuropa, Wien Modern, Huddersfield, Geometry of Now, Angelica, Crossing the Line…), and works closely with musicians from a wide stylistic spectrum. A fervent improviser, she prefers the most open musical situations and regularly collaborates with photographers, visual artists and videographers.


Since 2007, she has worked closely with Éliane Radigue, premiering Naldjorlak and fifteen pieces from Occam Ocean. In 2015, Radigue and Robinson began co-composing pieces for the Occam cycle: Occam Hexa II (Decibel – Perth, Australia), Occam River XXII (for bass clarinet and saxophone), Occam Hexa V (Ensemble Klang – The Hague).


On Thursday the 4th we will honour the work of Éliane Radigue.
Starting by showing the film Sisters with Transistors at the Verkadefabriek followed by a talk on
Élianes work by Julia Eckhardt. Then in the evening there will be performances of Élianes work by Ensemble Klang, Carol Robinson and Louis-Michel Marion.
These performances will take place at the Willem Twee Toonzaal and will include 2 world premières.

(this programme is made possible with support by Trillende Lucht) 



Geelriandre (1972) – Éliane Radigue (elektronisch werk)
OCCAM XIX (2014) – Éliane Radigue (voor double bass)
OCCAM RIVER XXVIII – Éliane Radigue (birbynė and viola da gamba)*
OCCAM HEXA V – Éliane Radigue en Carol Robinson
(2 saxophone, trombone, elec gitar, piano en percussion)*
* premièr