ZOG is a crossover between a live concert and a visual installation. The audience enters a large field of speaker that is controlled live by Karlijn Hamer. The music engulfs you: the sung tones stretch out and multiply through the speakers to an ever-growing suffering that pours out over you and changes its place and shape. In ZOG, Karlijn is looking for ways to get moving again instead of paralyzing from pain and loss.
Music has the leading role in the performances of Karlijn Hamer. She sculpts a sounding world. In both ZOG and her earlier work COLLAPS she chooses a musical phrase that takes all sorts of forms and takes the audience on a journey.

ZOG is part of Festival Cement and takes place at Kaaihallen (across from Willem Twee poppodium) and can be visited with a regular festival ticket on the following dates:
March 24 at 19:00
for more information: