I work in a multidisciplinary approach on a synergy of the audial, the visual and the spatial. This is manifested in different forms of expression: album releases, performances, installations and paintings. Originally trained as an architect, my perspective is focused on the immersive quality of spatiality in sound and vision, in constructed time and constructed space to a new indefinite space. To me, sound doesn’t just move along a chronological axis. It extends into other dimensions or perspectives, as in tactile and mental spaces. I use sound to create additional spatial layers in the space in which the soundwork is being heard or performed. Creating a spatial consciousness.
In my live sound art performances I make use of a merging of projections and improvised sound, in which I search for a synergy of the audial and the visual in a one-off and non-repeatable spatial intervention. The improvised sound is influenced by the space in which the performance takes place.