Rashad Becker

In the past 15 years, Rashad Becker became one of the central figures of contemporary sound production either with his work as a sound engineer, studio engineer or mastering master that marked numerous publications of diverse musical genres within the heterogeneous field of electronic music. His approach aims at creative collaboration with artists while maintaining a unique approach to sound. In the early days he collaborated with Dub Plates, but today he and his own studio Clunk works with numerous artists, among which are the likes of Kouhei Matsunga, Pantha du Prince, Kevin Drumm, Giuseppe Ielasi, Florian Hecker, Russell Haswell, Keiji Haino, Shackleton, KTL, Holly Herndon and Richard Bishop, among others.

Meanwhile, Becker is devoted to his own music production and he published two critically acclaimed albums at PAN records. His sound is extremely layered, full of details and diverse compositional twists rooted in his experience with studio work, but simultaneously carrying an exceptional expression, and a particular emotional charge rarely heard in such complex electronic music landscapes. Thus he creates one of the most exciting, exceptional and original musical creations in the electronic music today…