With dub, rock, electronic noise, ambient and jazz as its main pillars, KNALPOT’s sound always remains an utterly hybrid mix of many genres, scraping the borders to trance with their very own stumble-grooves. During concerts they keep reinterpreting their compositions in a virtuoso way of multitasking between bass, guitar, casio’s, drums and big amounts of analogue electronics, creating sonic whirlwinds and wall-of-sound goodness that alternate with whispery-soft sections. This austrian/french/german duo operates from its home-base Amsterdam and has reached the status of one the Netherlands most exciting live-bands since the release of their debut-release Serious Outtakes in 2009. Even though KNALPOT appears as a duo on stage, third band member soundman Sandor Caron shapes their sound with great aesthetics, both live and in the studio.

Raphael Vanoli: Fender VI, e-guitar, electronics, casio
Gerri Jäger: drums, percussion, electronics, casio
Sandor Caron: sound engineering