Baconhead make sci-fi beats to confuse your brain. Inspired heavily by sludge/stoner-rock and videogames as well as the obvious hip hop influences, the Baconhead sound is typified by meticulous production with a heavy dose of funk (and of course the all-important bass that will make your nose itch for weeks). Their debut EP ‘Soap’ got a lot of support from Huw Stephens (Radio 1) as well as respected producers and DJs such as Kid 606, Slugabed, King Cannibal, and Si Begg. The ‘Soap’ EP quickly earned them a good online following with it’s huge sound and wealth of ideas. Since then, Baconhead have been busy working on a slew of remixes for Jimmy Edgar, Cex, and Cardopusher, as well as a remix for Parallel Concept (Svetlana Industries) They have just finished a beat tape/album album (scheduled for a ‘cassette-only’ release), and with the newly released ‘Astro Sludge EP’ they team up with Eat Concrete for a series of releases showcasing their sonic agenda.