Awanto3 (Steven de Peven)

Awanto 3, the alter ego of Steven de Peven, set foot on this earth just a few years ago, although his musical career has been ongoing for 20 years already. Growing up with two uncles on his mother’s side who had a disco drive-in show, and a father who played oboe in an orchestra, there was no escape from music whatsoever.
Those two foundations have contributed to his broad interest in music, from jazz, hip hop, soul and latin, to house, techno, juke and booty.
Music-wise you can expect all ranges of dance music from Awanto 3: everything from 100 bpm to 170 bpm. House, disco, techno, booty and juke, there is only one condition: there has to be soul in it, even if it’s ugly, fast and loud. Keeping the women on the dance floor is not only for his own interest, but also to keep the atmosphere balanced. Speaking of which, Awanto 3 is kinda sensitive regarding decoration and lighting. In his view, every aspect in music and ambient conditions are just as important to set the right tone. He plays his records from his gut feeling, an intuitive reaction to what is going on on the dance floor. With releases on Soulrock, Dekmantel, Rush Hour and Voyage Direct, Clone Royal Oak, to name a few, Awanto 3 grew up fast. His debut album came out in 2014 on Rush Hour.