Albert van Abbe

In collaboration with Willem Twee kunstruimte Albert van Abbe presents the audio-visual work “OMA”
With the work “OMA”, recreates a personal childhood memory with light and sound, which in retrospect forms the starting point for his artistic practice. With binaural recorded sound and a light projection, he simulates a recognizable visual experience of passing cars in a rainy night.

Albert van Abbe has been active as a DJ and producer for almost twenty years. He played at festivals and in clubs such as Berghain in Berlin, Awakenings Festival and Faust in Seoul. He also worked on many different audiovisual projects. In recent years, light, video and the architectural space have played an increasingly important role in his work.
On March 21st Albert van Abbe will present a special  live performance in the installation at Willem Twee kunstruimte.
The exebition runs from: Februari 29th till April 5th